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Pottery by Linda Ippel

Functional pottery for baking and serving
stoneware bread bowl with dome of golden yeast bread
Stoneware Bread Bowl

Local Grand Rapids artist offers stoneware pottery for baking breads to perfection, trays and bowls for serving with style, and much more.  

Artist Statement:
"As a potter, I enjoy creating pieces that will be used in your homes and gardens. Cups, bowls, or trays impressed with organic matter or carved details reflect the places I've traveled: mountains or ocean seasides, deserts or beaches, in the United States, Peru, and Japan.

Besides the traditional pottery work, I also specialize in ceramic bonsai containers. I enjoy creating pieces which are used by bonsai artists in traditional styles--upright, forests, cascades, and kusomono (small plantings.) Succulent plants work very well in these containers."

- Linda Ippel

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