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Meet the Artist: Jiaqi (Jade) Lin

Hand-carved pottery by Jiaqi Clay

New to the 2022 Holiday Artisan Market, pottery artist Jiaqi Lin brings us gorgeous hand-carved pieces that are a welcome addition to our show.

Artist Bio:
Jiaqi Lin was born and raised in China. She studied under  Madeline Kaczmarczyk at Aquinas College.  Jiaqi makes all of the works in her Grand Rapids home studio. She mixes the glazes and fires the works herself. Carving has been a theme in her current work. She likes to carve out thousands of petals on each  mug and vase by hand. All the patterns are freehanded. Jiaqi wants people who hold her cup to be able to forget about everything else  briefly and just enjoy their  drink. She is inspired by the chaotic  quality of nature, and the repetitive rhythm of wheel throwing and carving by hand.

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