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Meet the Artist: Emma Elizabeth Jewelry

Sophistication Meets Boldness in this Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Artist Emma Elizabeth utilizes traditional metal smithing skills to create wearable art. She enjoys working with bold lines, angular organics, and fabricating dimensional geometrics to create modern elegance. Every single piece is made to stand out and meant to encourage, uplift and build confidence.

Artist's Statement: 
ewelry making has been a formational journey for me that started in a dark time in my life and continues to evolve. After losing my boyfriend in a car accident, jewelry making turned into my own form of therapy. It allowed me to work through my grief and continue to create as I navigated life without him

My loss fiercely grounds my work. We all have stories… we all have the hard stuff. You can hide it or choose to share it with others. That is one of the reasons I do this-to connect with people, share my story and hope that my path to jewelry making can be an example of what happens when you open yourself up to being led in spite of your grief."

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