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Isabel Maternowski

Free Form Cork Coasters
Free Form Cork Coasters closeup detail
Free Form Cork Coasters large group display

Free Form Cork Coasters by local Grand Rapids artist, Isabel Maternowski 

Artist Bio (dated October, 2020):

Isabel Maternowski is a Senior at the University of Michigan, double majoring in Art and Design and Environmental Studies. At school, Isabel specializes in painting and printmaking along with her interests in sustainability and conservation ecology. She moved home to Grand Rapids in March 2020, due to the Pandemic, and has been attending college online ever since. When her study abroad and internship were cancelled for the summer of 2020 she decided to take advantage of the time she suddenly had available. Isabel started an Etsy page to begin selling her art work, something she had always wanted to do. While Etsy is an enjoyable way to create and sell work, Isabel has dreams of selling her art in galleries across the country and world. Since beginning her Etsy page, Isabel was commissioned to paint over a dozen projects including a mural for Nutcase Vegan Meats located on 44th street and many smaller paintings. Isabel is continuing to sell work on her “IzMaters” Etsy page and paints by commission while she is finishing up her college degrees. 

Artist Statement:
“I love utilizing bright colors and organic, abstract shapes in my art. I presented some of my paintings to Meg Sorensen at Design Quest and she suggested I transform the shapes onto a product with more utility. I immediately thought of the cork coasters I have been painting for my Etsy. I have been selling these Acrylic painted cork coasters on my Etsy page since June. I have painted coasters with flowers, succulents, seasonal themes and now these abstract shapes. I think a painted coaster is a nice way to bring some brightness and art into your home without taking up any wall space. When you put a clear glass on top the coaster the colors will refract up into the cup as it sits on top of the cheerful and modern design. I am so excited and honored to be a part of the Holiday Artisan Market and I appreciate your support! Enjoy your coasters!”
— Isabel

Artist Isabel Maternowski
Artist Isabel Maternowski

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