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DeVree Designs

Nature interpreted in felted wool

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been” -George Eliot

After 20 years designing canvases for the needlepoint industry, Liz DeVree decided to switch gears and work on things she loves - felting, creating with her hands, looking at nature for inspiration. With her husband Tom working as her engineer, DeVree works to make beautiful things to share with people.

Felted textile landscape scene with mountain in background and bright flowers in front.
Felted textile landscape
Felted textile rock
Felted textile rock

Artist Statement:
"Interpreting nature has always been at the heart of my art.

Recently I’ve been exploring working in wool- I find it magical that I can turn wispy wool into solid creations full of color and texture. I use the ancient process of wet felting which consists of selecting fibers and manipulation them with my hands, soap and water to become something completely different. I also create by needle felting which uses fine, barbed needles to form the wool into solid pieces. Most of my art pieces are a combination of the two techniques accented with embroidery.

This transformation continues to amaze me, and because of the variability of wool itself, no two pieces ever turn out the same. This keeps the process exciting and fresh."
- Liz DeVree

Artist Liz DeVree
Artist Liz DeVree
Felted succulent houseplants in clay pots
Felted succulent houseplants in clay pots

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