Skovby SM 48 Dining Chair

Skovby SM 48 Dining Chair

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Dining chair with great seat comfort and steel frame which matches all wood types
The #48 dining chair is a reinterpretation of the Skovby-classic #58, best known for its classic and elegant look. Skovby designed the curved back of the chair a little shorter than the original model. This provides the new #48 dining chair with new life and a great, modern expression. 

The Skovby #48 dining chair still has a beautiful brushed steel-frame, providing a nice contrast to a wooden dining table. And the seating comfort is, of course, extraordinary. 

Fabrics and Leathers
This dining chair is available in a variety of fabrics and leather colors or with customer’s own material.

Chair priced in Fabric Group 1. Call Design Quest for Grade 2 and Leather pricing
height: 34.5"
Finish (Click on swatch to see larger)
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Coverings (Click on swatch to see larger)
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Leather Collection
Thorough-dyed, chrome-tanned semi-aniline
Fabric - Rose (Grade 1)
65% polyester, 15% polyacrylic, 13% polypropylene, 7% cotton; Wearability/Martindale 25,000; Light Fastness 5
Fabric - Touche (Grade 1)
80% wool, 20% polyacrylic; Wearability/Martindale 70,000; Light Fastness 4
Fabric - Patrise (Grade 1)
65% polyester, 35% viscose; Wearability/Martindale 36,000; Light Fastness 5
Fabric - Calvali (Grade 1)
90% polyester, 10% nylon; Wearability/Martindale 100,000; Light Fastness 4
Fabric - Lind (Grade 1)
62% polyester, 25% acrylic, 13% viscose; Wearability/Martindale 25,000; Light Fastness 5
Fabric - Brahms (Grade 1)
100% polyester; Wearability/Martindale 40,000; Light Fastness 4-5
Fabric - Clara (Grade 2)
92% worsted wool, 8% nylon; Wearability/Martindale 80,000; Light Fastness 5-7
Fabric - Remix (Grade 2)
90% worsted wool, 10% nylon; Wearability/Martindale 100,000; Light Fastness 5-7
Fabric - Ambassador (Grade 2)
80% worsted wool, 20% cotton; Wearability/Martindale 70,000; Light Fastness 5-6
Fabric - Floyd (Grade 2)
50% polyester, 45% worsted wool; Wearability/Martindale 50,000; Light Fastness 6-7
Skovby furniture is made for people - by people.

As a family owned company in Denmark, Skovby has a proud history in cabinet making spanning three generations. The growth from a small one-man workshop in 1933 to its current position as a worldwide supplier has involved many changes over the years. 

Although Skovby employs the latest technological developments in cabinet making, Skovby has never lost sight of its beginnings. This can be witnessed in the large degree of hand finishing on today’s products. From the drying of the raw timber and careful selection of veneers, to the finished product, no compromise is made. 

The skills employed in the use of the natural timbers and the variations therein ensure the individuality of each finished piece. 

In fact, each piece of furniture has its own expression and no two are identical. This is one of the most fascinating characteristics of genuine wood.

Tastes and needs may differ, but some things never change.  Skovby believes that natural materials and excellent craftsmanship are never out-of-date. They have always tried to combine good traditional craftsmanship and functional innovation in a contemporary and timeless design.

Craftmanship and quality - options and flexibility - your distinct expression - Skovby is at home all over the world.