Nomon MINI BILBAO G Wall Clock with Walnut and Brass Accents

Nomon MINI BILBAO G Wall Clock with Walnut and Brass Accents

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The Nomon Mini Bilbao Clock is a wall clock in the miniature version of the Bilbao clock. The regular version of this clock design measures about 100 cm in diameter while its reduced version measures just 70 cm in total, despite being a smaller size it's still considered medium to large. This clock is perfect if you like the design and style of the Bilbao clock but prefer a reduced version to place on your wall.

The Nomon Mini Bilbao Clock stands out for its light circle that gives it the fine shape of the accessory. The use of fine and delicate lines allows a simple and minimalist design that doesn't recharge the view. 

It has small wooden reinforces along the clock to allow a good grip on the wall. They also serve as a reference to see the time more easily. The handles are also made with walnut wood and finished with black.

The Bilbao Clock is supported by a small circular base above the clock falling straight until it reaches the box which adds an extra touch to the design to give it more personality. On a simple white wall the Mini Bilbao Clock can stand out in all its splendor.

Black fiberglass ring with walnut needles and polished brass case and accents

Nomon is a leading producer of indoor clocks, with exclusive clocks sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. Nomon clocks are produced in artisan workshops as unique handmade pieces. Slight variations are possible since the clocks are produced with natural materials and artisan finishes. All products are fully produced in Spain, including a German mechanism.