Nomon CRIS NOGAL Wall Clock

Nomon CRIS NOGAL Wall Clock

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This incredible wall clock is the living example of the Nomon brand's growing creativity. Its aerial and abstract design take it to modernism. This exclusive clock has a white fiberglass minutehand with a walnut tip. Its earth colors make it easily adaptable to any decor although certainly the Cris N Clock would become the center of the decoration.

Easy and quick to install, its simple design goes hand in hand with an ideal minimalist decoration with n eutral colors. However, its versatile design can be combined with sophisticated and modern furniture in a room with more dynamism, more vivid colors or with a Nordic style. The essence conveyed by the clock is of elegance, peace, harmony, calmness, and simplicity - essential components within a happy home.

Diameter: 70cm / 27.5in
Nomon is a leading producer of indoor clocks, with exclusive clocks sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. Nomon clocks are produced in artisan workshops as unique handmade pieces. Slight variations are possible since the clocks are produced with natural materials and artisan finishes. All products are fully produced in Spain, including a German mechanism.