Nomon BILBAO N Wall Clock

Nomon BILBAO N Wall Clock

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The Nomon Bilbao N Clock is a wall clock with a minimalist and colorful design that combines shapes and materials that characterize it as a modern clock and with personality.It is made with fiberglass, walnut needles, and a chrome steel case.It has four hourly fiberglass references which makes it easy to read.

Also its structure is based on a perfect circle that brings dimension, quality and presence.

This clock integrates perfectly with backgrounds in dark or light tones this is because it has two versions: one of white fiberglass and walnut needles in medium tones and another of black fiberglass with the same type of needles.

These two combinations allow the clock to contrast with the color of the wall or on the other hand that manages to blend in with the background depending on the effect you want to achieve.

It is made with German UTS to provide maximum reliability and accuracy of the clock at the time. Also the case is made of chrome steel for durability and a metallic touch with a matte finish.

As for the needles they are handmade and handcrafted with American walnut wood which gives the clock an organic and harmonic touch.

This material comes from controlled logging. It is undoubtedly an innovative piece that will give any room a very striking appearance integrating with the lines of any decorative style. In spite of its modern lines, something that is achieved thanks to its finishes and the quality of the materials with which it is made fits well with any decorative style.

Finally, the structure of the clock is made of resistant fiberglass that can come in white or black. The investment in the Nomon Bilbao N Clock compensates for the price it costs it is a piece that stands out for its structural and minimalist design which can list a variety of elegant and decorative backgrounds.

It is ideal for different rooms such as the living room or the office.

Nomon is a leading producer of indoor clocks, with exclusive clocks sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. Nomon clocks are produced in artisan workshops as unique handmade pieces. Slight variations are possible since the clocks are produced with natural materials and artisan finishes. All products are fully produced in Spain, including a German mechanism.