Miniforms MASTEA Murano Glass Accent Table - Amber / Walnut

Miniforms MASTEA Murano Glass Accent Table - Amber / Walnut
The Mastea coffee table is a living room table with a walnut base and top, with a structure in blown Murano glass.

In the 1970s Miniforms began to experiment with Murano Glass. Even though the generations have changed, the glass is blown as it once was: it needs a master glassblower and two strong lungs. Working with this material every day is like revisiting a traditional dish. The ingredients are the same but there is something new in the taste.
Low: 19.5 diameter X 16.5 height
High: 13.75 diameter X 20.5 height

Murano glass, Walnut wood
From the MiniForms website

The Penguin is on the Table
"We believe that elegance is not a drab aesthetic but a vibrant, colourful approach. Sometimes you're serious. Sometimes you're light-hearted. That's life. But at least when you're at home, try to be carefree. Look after your home, choose a nice colour palette, buy flowers to put on the table. Or a little penguin, as we did. The main thing is to take it easy occasionally and enjoy the little things with elegance. Our furniture will help you."