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Luonto Furniture — Modern Sofas, Armchairs and Convertible Sleeping

Luonto Furniture is a family owned and operated company, which enables them to stay true to their beliefs. Sacrificing margin over quality and profit over people, they have been able to maintain their standards throughout the decades and they believe this is what will keep their business moving forward for generations to come.

As a result of the strict adherence to their family values, Luonto Furniture is able to be transparent in every aspect. They want their customers to know every detail, down to the frame of their furniture, so they are 100% confident in what they are buying.

Their sustainable manufacturing processes provide a clean and safe environment for their employees as well. These processes are something deeply rooted in their culture and have been developed over the history of their business, practices which they certainly believe support their mission of quality. With a focus on design with function, Luonto Furniture maintains their commitment to quality in every aspect of the business.

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