GeoToys GeoPuzzle - Europe

GeoToys GeoPuzzle - Europe
From Afghanistan and Belgium to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, GeoPuzzles make learning geography fun! Each Geopuzzle has pieces shaped like countries, and helps to build fine motor, cognitive, language, and problem-solving skills.

GeoPuzzle Europe has 58 pieces, and is a jumbo-sized 19 x 16 inches. Made in Germany from recycled materials. Ages 4 and Up.
Geotoys was started in 2005 by an American father who wanted to help his young children learn about world geography. Inspired by a similar puzzle of the United States, which had pieces shaped like states, he made a puzzle of Europe with pieces shaped like countries. ‚Äč

He sold the puzzle to a few local toy stores, and then expanded to stores across the country. GeoPuzzles of Africa, Asia, and South America followed, along with USA/Canada and finally the World. Fast forward a few years, and now GeoPuzzles are available in all those continents, and in several different languages.