Beautiful jewelry, organic designs, innovative material.

Let the rain fall and with each drop your elegance and beauty is revealed. Our Drops collection, inspired by the shower of kisses that fall from the sky, is one of our most popular designs. This Batucada bracelet is handcraft with 100% recyclable materials and is lead-free, oil-free, nickel-free and phthalate-free. Let the drops wash away your worries, leaving you looking more radiant than ever before.

Available in a classic black

Reveal your true essence with one of Batucada's unique bracelets. Each piece is crafted using Batucada's signature 100% recyclable materials, designed to reflect the balance between organic beauty merging with modern colors and shapes. Subtle and delicate patterns made in combination with soft, feather-light material, molds to your skin truly becoming an extension of your beauty.
Batucada Jewelry:
Batucada’s exquisite collections offer jewelry, fashion accessories and table-top ware, featuring our eco-friendly and design-conscious modern material. All Batucada products are light weight and beautifully textured crafted to be a extension of your passion for organic beauty and design. The elegant theme of each design creates the opportunity to “wear your essence on the outside.” Marketed and sold in over 5 continents, Batucada’s unique range of accessories appeals to every mood and is made to suit any occasion.

Batucada’s designs are drawn from experiences in History and events in nature that conjure emotions from deep within. These timeless pieces are not subject to the whims of any particular fashion trend and don’t simply impact the way you “look” – they affect the way you “feel.”

The ease with which Batucada is worn and the way in which these accessories conform to the contours of your shape, make this product truly “people-friendly.” In addition, Batucada’s jewels on the skin are composed of fully recyclable materials that give the product its nickel-free, lead-free, latex-free and feather-light character.