Design: Soren Ravn Christensen, 2018
Lounge Around daybed is multifunctional and flexible, designed to be the centrepiece of your living room; the perfect place to lie back, relax and recharge. Developed with comfort in mind, Lounge Around is a daybed designed for lazy Sundays. Perfect for an afternoon nap or for when guests come to stay, its clean lines and high-quality materials give your space Mid-Century Modern feel.

Available with additional features including a light stand, storage side pocket, table and a side pillow, its simple form and economical depth make it ideal for compact living. The modular design allows you to use the Lounge Around daybed to suit your day, allowing you to stretch out, or attach sides to create a gossip chair, or loveseat.
92″W x 30″D x 17″H

Solid oak, plywood / polyester / Steel (plated brass)

Wood: Natural Oak or Dark Oak

The Lounge Around Sofa includes:
  • (1) wooden frame in choice of Natural Oak or Dark Oak
  • (2) Dark Grey Large seating pillows
  • (2) Dark Grey Small seating pillows (wood backed for reversing and using as tray)
  • Brass plugs to fill empty holes for finished look
Optional Sofa Accessories*
Customize your Lounge Around with optional accessories, including:
  • 'Lean Back' back support & back pillow
  • 'Round Table' in Oak or Dk Oak
  • 'Light Around' in White or Black
  • 'Side Pocket' in Anthracite Grey
  • 'Side Pillow' in Petrol Blue, Silver Grey, Spring Green, Dusty Rose, Slate Grey
*See Related Product, below, for optional accessories
UMAGE: (formerly known as Vita Copenhagen)
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UMAGE (pronounced OO-MAY) is a Danish word which means you’ve taken that extra step to make something extraordinary. All the stuff in the World that makes life wonderful is made by people who are willing to walk that extra mile to give you an extraordinary experience. If you make yourself UMAGE it means that you have done something extra – you have made an extra effort. And that is exactly what they try to do every day at UMAGE.

At UMAGE, they take the story of Scandinavian design further than ever before. A combination of aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, infused with thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental care. This is the result: exquisite designs with a sustainable edge. All UMAGE products are flat-packed in stylish boxes, to optimise global logistics, reduce storage and transportation costs, and to make our designs more accessible and affordable.

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