SHAPESCAPES, Sculpture in a Box


Price: $35.95

SHAPESCAPES, Sculpture in a Box

Phone: 616-940-9911

Design: Peter Mayor, 2003

Created by Los Angeles sculptor Peter Mayor, this beautifully simple toy has been designed to stimulate innovative play and increase children's spatial skills and color awareness. There are no buttons to push, no batteries to install; to "operate" it you just need hands and an imagination.

ShapeScapes contains over 90 colorful pieces in whimsical shapes. The pieces are easy to put together and allows the user to build and infinite variety of vibrantly colored structures. You can make a figure, an animal, vehicle, any wild thing. Whatever you create can be taken apart or displayed as a sculpture, wall hanging, or mobile. Made of non-toxic PVC. Ages 6 and above.

Dimensions: Smallest piece, 1"diam. Largest piece, 7.25"L