Designed by George Nelson, produced by Herman Miller®
An assortment of lights in various spherical silhouettes, the Nelson Bubble Lamps add a touch of softness and luminosity to interiors. Designed by George Nelson in 1952, these elegant fixtures are fashioned from a sturdy, lightweight steel frame yet have a delicate floating quality, whether in ceiling-hung, floor, table, or wall-mounted variations.

The Nelson Pear Wall Sconce, a flared, pear-shaped shade suspended from a walnut wall mount, will warm any interior with soft, diffused light. A swivel hinge allows for adjustment from left to right and up and down. Timeless Nelson Bubble Lamps were designed in 1952.
Dimensions (inches):
Ball — Fixture: H 16.75 in , D 21 in; Shade: H 12 in , Dia 12.75 in
Cigar — Fixture: H 16.75 in , D 18 in; Shade: H 14 in , Dia 10.5 in
Pear — Fixture: H 16.75 in , D 21 in; Shade: H 12.5 in , Dia 13 in
Saucer — Fixture: H 16.75 in , D 23 in; Shade: H 7 in , Dia 17.5 in

Details to Help You Order:
Materials — Sconce is constructed with a 2-inch-thick walnut mount and a brushed-nickel steel arm that extends appoximately 14 inches. Bulb is not included.
Styles — Sconce comes in four unique bubble styles: Ball, Cigar, Pear, and Saucer.
Power — Sconces come with a 12-foot cord. Product is UL-listed and rated for bulbs up to 150 watts, except for the Saucer which is rated for a 60-watt bulb.
Movement —Sconce arm has a swivel hinge and adjustable 144-inch long plug-in cord with a counterweight, allowing for height adjustment from left-to-right, and up-and-down, without having to change its position on the wall.
Architect George Nelson, Herman Miller’s design director from 1945 to 1972, once remarked, “Every truly original idea seems to find its most important expression in a chair.” And then he blew the doors off lighting design. While outfitting his office, Nelson discovered a silk-covered Swedish hanging lamp that he coveted but found too expensive, then recalled seeing a photo in the paper of Liberty ships being mothballed “by having the decks covered with netting and then being sprayed with a self-webbing plastic,” which got him thinking. “And then, Whammo!” Inspiration struck, and by the next night, Nelson had designed his first Bubble Lamp® (1952) by spinning a skeleton of steel wires on a turntable and shooting it with translucent plastic until it was covered in a smooth, washable film. “When you put a light in it, it glowed.” This is the authentic Bubble Lamp by Herman Miller, produced along with the George Nelson Foundation.
Herman Miller:
Working with design legends George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames, Herman Miller pioneered modern furniture design in the mid-20th century. As the business grew, it added a research focus to its problem-solving design. Today, the spirit of innovation and collaboration continues to drive the global company forward. In addition to the enduring designs that form its foundation, Herman Miller also offers solutions from partners and top designers who share its values.