Miniforms ECLIPSE Lamp - Various Colors

Miniforms ECLIPSE Lamp - Various Colors
Eclipse is an extremely dynamic lamp that interacts with the environment in a bright, lively voice that surprises. It is made entirely of ceramic, and the material offers a pleasant feeling to the touch.

Available at Design Quest in Pink, White, or Gray.
Dimensions: 12.75 x 7 x 20.5h
From the MiniForms website

The Penguin is on the Table
"We believe that elegance is not a drab aesthetic but a vibrant, colourful approach. Sometimes you're serious. Sometimes you're light-hearted. That's life. But at least when you're at home, try to be carefree. Look after your home, choose a nice colour palette, buy flowers to put on the table. Or a little penguin, as we did. The main thing is to take it easy occasionally and enjoy the little things with elegance. Our furniture will help you."