Photos are respresentative and show last year's offerings. Items in the show may be different

Artist: Lestra Hazel
Woven textiles: shawls, towels, coasters, scarves

Artist's Statement
"The first time I saw a loom, I knew I wanted to weave. I soon realized that weaving is a process which combines mathematics, texture, color, pattern and dimension. Over the years the mathematics of a piece became integrated into my thought process, allowing me to concentrate on the other facets.

Initially I studied only pattern and weave structure, but as I became more familiar with the variety of weave structures, color began to intrigue me - and continues to do so.

I Particularly enjoy the process of optical mixing – the spots of color which arise when a pattern is woven (similar to pointillism). Using very fine threads, one has to look closely to see the individual threads, but from a distance the colors blend and may appear different from the original colors.

Each work typically begins with a color inspiration - from a picture, an outdoor scene, a painting, a ceramic piece, or just from playing with the color wheel. When the colors are in place, the next step is to plan the purpose of the piece and the weave structure that will best enhance the color arrangement. I typically have many more projects in mind than looms with which to create them!"

- Lestra Hazel