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Hasten's Beds

It is craftsmanship and attention to detail which makes the difference.

Since the mid 19th century, Hästens has carefully maintained their tradition of master craftsmanship and proudly handed this down to each new generation of bed manufacturers. All Hästens beds are built with excellent craftsmanship and a feel for nature's finest materials – qualities that only the most skilful bed builder can bring. The superb craftsmanship and painstaking attention to every detail is evident wherever you look on your Hästens bed: the well constructed bed frame, the sturdy, precise stitching of the fabric, the flexible stretch fabric on the top with the Hästens emblem woven in – details that work together to create a bed for life. Hästens is constantly working to improve and refine their beds.

Visit Design Quest to see our great selection of Hästens beds. We will work with you to help find the all-natural Hästens Bed that's just right for you.

Every bed is made with a unique machine. It has five fingers and is better known as a hand.


Continental Beds:
Hästen's continental beds are massive and elegant, designed for the ultimate sleep experience. They are filled with generous amounts of natural materials, separated into three parts to provide amazing comfort, pliability and support. Two, or three, unique spring systems work in conjunction, providing support from deep beneath. In addition to the masterpiece, Vividus, you can choose between 2000T, Proferia, Auroria and Luxuria.

Hastens Continental Beds

Frame Beds:
Hästen's frame beds are both exclusive and simple, ingeniously designed with a thick spring bed and a top mattress for extra surface softness. Two unique spring systems, together with natural materials, ensure great comfort, flexibility and relief for your entire body, while the bed breathes and provides a perfect sleeping climate. Choose between Superia, Excel and Marquis.

Hastens Frame Beds

Adjustable Beds:
Hästen's adjustable beds are comfortable and versatile for waking moments, relaxing rest as well as deep sleep. The adjustable beds are developed from our continental beds for the ultimate sleep experience. They have the feel of a continental bed, whilst you are able to adjust the head and foot ends. Choose between Lenoria and Novoria.

Hastens Adjustable Beds

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