Livingly Design Paper Craft CUBILLUSION 9 Mobile

Livingly Design Paper Craft CUBILLUSION 9 Mobile
Original Danish Mobile Designs

In 1952 the Danish artist couple Anni & Bent Knudsen began to create paper cuts and mobiles. Their designs would come to delight children and adults all over the world. The Knudsens received numerous design awards and their work is considered to be integral part of Danish culture. In fact, one jury compared Bent Knudsen's importance to craft papers and mobiles as to that of Hans Christian Andersen's importance to fairy tales!

In 2008 Anni & Bent Knudsen sold the paper cut and mobile business to Livingly. Now Livingly draws on the vast library of the Knudsen's work to present their classic and holiday designs to the world once again — in refreshing, new packaging — alongside Livingly's own designs by Louise Helmersen.

SPECIFICATIONS: multicolor, 9pc, 50 cm